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Best Screenwriter-Wang Liping2019-06-18T11:13:33-08:00
Best Actor in a Supporting Role-Lawrence Wong2019-06-18T11:13:21-08:00
Best Director-Yang Yazhou2019-06-18T11:13:07-08:00
Golden Angel Award TV Series-《Peace Hotel》《Great Expectations》《Mr. Right》2019-06-18T11:04:37-08:00
Best TV Document-《Ocean in Your Eyes》《The Cricket》《The Exploration Trip to Sansha for Green Sea Turtles》2019-06-18T11:04:11-08:00
Outstanding US TV Actor-Zach McGowan2019-06-18T11:03:52-08:00
Best Web Series-《Burning Ice》《Suddenly This Summer》2019-06-18T11:03:19-08:00
Golden Angel Award TV Series-《Next Time, Together Forever》《Half a Lifelong Romance》《Keeper》《The Patriot》2019-06-18T11:02:26-08:00
Chinese Cultural Communication Award-《Families of Teens》《The World is Not Fraudulent》《Happy Life of Yang Guang》《Rose Faith》《Tang Dynasty Tour》2019-06-18T11:02:53-08:00
Chinese Cultural Communication Award-《The Masterpiece》《One Hundred Years of Shanghai Architecture》2019-06-18T10:58:55-08:00