Youth Journey

//Youth Journey
Youth Journey 2019-10-20T16:41:01-07:00

Project Description

Length: 90Mins*12

Director: 廖媌婧、李佳临、吴天

Cast: 王凯、吴谨言、魏大勋、范丞丞、白宇、林允、杨迪、张新成、胡先熙

Youth Journey is a cultural tourism and exploration outdoor reality show, showing in the form of the stars traveling together, be closed with the theme of “cities pride for people”, telling the historical humanities of different cities, displaying the inheritance and profoundness of Chinese culture. The star guests of the program travel together through the form of “culture and travel”. At the same time, the program expressed the serious history in a youthful way and show the audience the story of youth.

Project Details