Young Blood

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Project Description

Length: 45Mins*42

Director: 伊峥、王飞、彭学军、罗志刚 、刘崇杰

Cast: 张新成、郑伟、周雨彤、王佑硕、禾浩辰、 苏晓彤

During the Qingli Period, under the glory of the Great Song Dynasty, the dark tide surged. In order to prevent the peeping of the Liao Dynasty (Kitan) and Western Xia’s spies, the Song Dynasty established the special institution for training youngsters under the name of Secret Chamber. Six heroes with different personalities from different origins, were selected into the Seventh Zhai of the Secret Chamber. Taking heavy responsibility and seeking light in the darkness, they repeatedly smashed the enemy’s conspiracy in thrilling spy wars. Fortunate to serve the country and live up to the youth!

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