The Legend of White Snake

//The Legend of White Snake
The Legend of White Snake 2019-10-20T17:48:59-07:00

Project Description

Length: 45Mins*36

Director: 智磊

Cast: 于朦胧、鞠婧祎、裴子添、聂子皓、冯建宇、李林、王伟源、肖艳、虞朗、曾韵蓁、曲尼次仁、易易梓

The white snake spirit, Bai Suzhen, takes the sweet dew of goodness and purity from Guanyin’s jade bottle and activates her vital energy. Practicing magical arts on Mount Emei, she becomes immortal. After transforming into human form, and with further instructions from Guanyin, she enters the mortal world to experience human society. She then meets and falls for Xu Xian, composing a love story that touches millions.

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