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Project Description

Length: 40Mins*40

Director: 十一月

Cast: 杨洋、江疏影、赖艺、范津玮、白翔、孙宁、杨廷东、李俊辰、宋涵宇、梁译木、翟子路、郝帅、冷纪元、顾宇峰、高瀚宇、蒋龙、顾佑铭、曲澔濬、赖雨濛、李沐宸

Ye Xiu, known as a top-class professional e-sports player in the online game Glory, is expelled out of the professional e-sports circle by the club for various reasons and becomes a webmaster. With ten years’ experience in e-sports, Ye Xiu is not going to give up his beloved “Glory”, so he re-logins his ID account “Don’t You Laugh At Me” and embarks on his journey to his victory where he meets many new friends and forms a strong team to realize their dreams.

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