The Fun Cuisine of RuLin

//The Fun Cuisine of RuLin
The Fun Cuisine of RuLin 2019-10-20T16:46:29-07:00

Project Description

Length: 24Mins*12

Director: 周正芳

Cast: 谢静汶、杨若天、王誉铭、钱安琪

“Rulin Flavor” plans to present famous feast and dishes in Anhui. 12 dishes from “Rulin Feast,” “Tai Shou Feast,” “Hung Wu Feast” and “Nu Shan Hu Feast” are selected; they are famous delicious dishes from famous stories, historical sources, or folklore. The team of on-location host will follow the clues of the stories to look for the most original food materials with their best efforts. In addition, the national tier 1 chefs are invited to the program to demonstrate the delicious dishes for the representation of the classic!

Project Details