The City of Chaos

//The City of Chaos
The City of Chaos 2019-10-20T16:58:53-07:00

Project Description

Length: 48Mins*24

Director: 刘殊巧

Cast: 李光洁、袁文康、姜珮瑶、克拉拉、孙岩、高至霆、梁译木、刘德凯、高冬平、赵阳、盛鉴、姜卓君、银雪、文予琪

Luo Jia, a mysterious guy with multiple identities, goes to Lankupal City looking for the truth of his friend’s death. He sneaks into the Seven-star Group, which is a gangster crime organization. Bai Zhenhe, a prison guard of Lankupal prison. Their relationship transferred from hostility to cooperation in order to bring lights to this dark city.

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