The Beautiful Mudanjiang

//The Beautiful Mudanjiang
The Beautiful Mudanjiang 2019-10-20T16:16:54-07:00

Project Description

Length: 20Mins27Secs

Director: Wen Tian

Cast: Jianming Ni、Jin Feng、Baocheng Ma、Ya Si

“The Beautiful Mudanjiang” is an amazing documentary about the beautiful nature and rich culture of Mudanjiang. The film is directed by Wen Tian, he is the most influential documentary director in China. The city of Mudanjiang is at the northernmost region of China, it’s also the coldest place on the landscape of China. The film shows the world the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of Mudanjiang with its local cultures and rich history. The strength and beauty of Mother Nature and local people of Mudanjiang fascinate wen. Wen want to show the world his belief in a beautiful and more environmentally friendly world. He wants the world to see the strength, beauty and hope in people who live in Mudanjiang, the most extremely cold area of China. Wen want to introduce the world to the beautiful China.

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