Summer’s Desire

//Summer’s Desire
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Project Description

Length: 45Mins*36

Director: 于中中

Cast: 秦俊杰、张雪迎、黄圣池、袁子芸

Loses her parents during the childhood, Yin Xiamo, the trainee of an entertainment company, must deal with her younger brother’s sickness while pursuing her dream of being a successful artist. After she overcomes her weakness on singing in front of the public, Xiamo attracts the attention of Ouchen, who is the founder of a video game company. Ouchen invites Xiamo to play the lead role in his company’s TV series. However, Ouchen’s company is about to be bankrupt. At Ouchen’s darkest time, Xiamo chooses to stand by him. While fighting together and finally achieving success, the two falls in love.

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