Novoland: Eagle Flag

//Novoland: Eagle Flag
Novoland: Eagle Flag 2019-10-20T17:58:13-07:00

Project Description

Length: 45Mins*56

Director: 张晓波

Cast: 刘昊然、宋祖儿、陈若轩、江疏影

This is a grand epic about a fictitious world named Nine States. Amid great powers and incessant chaos and people are calling for the emergence of heroes. Three youngsters, Lyu Guichen, Ji Ye and Yu Ran are pushed to the center stage of the tumultuous world by fate, while their friendship and love are also burgeoning. After going through conspiracy, betrayal, desire and war, they look around with swords in hands, finding their oaths are still ringing in their ears and their ardor has never faded.

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