My Father & Daddy

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Project Description

Length: 45Mins*38

Director: 陈国星

Cast: 张译、张国立、李建义、买红妹、姚远、郭振伽、高晓菲、潘辰

Li Yisheng-father of professor Li Liang-who suddenly appeared after disappeared for many years, disturbed the peaceful life of Professor Li Liang’s family. Li Liang and his sister only regard Li Dongshan, their adoptive father, as their father. Li Yisheng felt guilty, and eager to participate in his children’s life but always made a mess. What’s more, Li Dongshan’s nanny fell in love with Li Yisheng and made a love triangle. Li Yisheng’s other son frequently asked Li Liang for money, which led to a deeper misunderstanding. When Li Yi was hospitalized due to illness and recalled all the past, Li Liang finally reunited with his father.

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