Idol Hits

Idol Hits 2019-10-20T16:38:24-07:00

Project Description

Length: 149Mins*12

Director: 陈刚 吴寒

Cast: 蔡徐坤、陈粒、黄旭、胡彦斌、迪玛希、薛之谦、林彦俊、欧阳靖、张艺兴、信、林宥嘉、邓紫棋、吴亦凡、田馥甄、李荣浩、王源、毛不易

The program invited six groups of musicians to join in each issue, presenting the professional industrial process of producing and publicizing music for each musician for the first time. Through the forms of linking up the daily records with stage performances, we will truly restore each musician’s serious attitude towards music and professional charm in music creation.

Project Details