Encounter Love, On the Road

//Encounter Love, On the Road
Encounter Love, On the Road 2019-12-23T14:25:59-08:00

Project Description

Length: 45Mins*52

Director: 毛卫宁

Cast: 陈晓、景甜、何明翰、秦杉

The film, “Encounter Love, On the Road”, tells the story of a white-collar professional, Xinyue Li, who got entangled in a drug-trafficking case, involving a famous painting titled “The Precious”. An undercover narcotics officer, Xiaotian Jin, broke deep into the drug-trafficking ring. During their journey, both survived life-threatening ordeals, while love grew unexpectedly between them. Due to the heroic efforts by the narcotics officers, especially Jin, the case was finally solved, and culprits apprehended. The film depicts the hardships in the anti-drug war, while glorifying the new generation of police officers.

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