Anti-Terrorism Special Forces the Wolves

//Anti-Terrorism Special Forces the Wolves
Anti-Terrorism Special Forces the Wolves 2019-10-20T17:50:21-07:00

Project Description

Length: 45Mins*48

Director: 尤小刚

Cast: 杨旭文、魏晨、代斯、周庭伊、李幼斌、石兆琪、孙振宸、缪海梅

“Hellgate” is a popular VR combat game popular around the world, players all over the world spare no expense to compete on this platform. China’s anti-terrorism command center has learned that terrorists used the game platform as an entrance to the dark network for illegal trade. The country’s young and brave Sky Wolf special battle team members in the face of national security, with life and blood to verify their youth, the new and old two generations of anti-terrorist elite in the brutal front line fighting against terrorism, finally in the final harvest of love and friendship, and ushered in a bloody dawn.

Project Details