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The Inquiry

Length: 45Mins*44 Director: 王 兵 Cast: 郑 凯、邓 莎、常 铖、曲翊宏 The play tells the story of Chiang Kai-shek's secret decision killing Xuan Xia-fu, a senior general of the Communist Party, during a critical period of cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, which triggered a heated protest from the Communist Party of China, and Wu Zhongming, an underground worker, stepped forward to investigate the truth.


The Legendary Tavern

Length: 41Mins*42 Director: 刘江 Cast: 陈宝国、秦海璐、王晓晨、袁姗姗 It tells the story of Chen Huaihai, a man who braved the journey to the Northeast and opened a tavern in Dalian during the war to make a living. He used the tavern to make friends with anti-Japanese people of ideals and integrity, spreading anti-Japanese ideas and fighting against colonists. Distinguished guests gathered in the old tavern, which gradually became the underground transportation station of the Party and played an important role in the process of liberation of Dalian.


The Lengend Of Haolan

Length: 45Mins*62 Director: 李达超 Cast: 茅子俊、吴谨言、聂远、海玲、宁静 This show is set in the end of Warring States period, when Qin state and Zhao state foght for the ruling of the kingdom. The leading female character Li Haolan formed alliances with Ying Yiren and Lv Buwen for different purposes. They went through many conflicts and fights. In the end, they reached the top of power in Qin dynasty together.


The Golden Eyes

Length: 45Mins*56 Director: 林楠 Cast: 张艺兴、王紫璇、李立群、王栎鑫、孟阿赛、陈泇文、泓萱 Zhuang Rui’s everyday troubles trying to make a life in Beijing take a supernatural twist after he encounters a robbery and gains x-ray vision... Through encounters ranging from danger and escape to love, hate, and betrayal, Zhuang discovers a new meaning to life and human relationships that transcends the secrets revealed by his vision.


The Thunder

Length: 36Mins*48 Director: 傅东育、刘璋牧 Cast: 黄景瑜、吴刚、王劲松、任达华、张晞临、李墨之、马瑜婕 Narcotics Agent Li Fei, strives to tear down a huge drug dealing network despite serious threats to his life, seeing through layers of setups while clearing obstacles for the ex-ecution of a narcotics operation called “Thunder”. Mean-while, Li’s father has been working undercover for three years in a Hong Kong consortium to secure evidence of dealing by an overseas transnational drug cartel. For “Thunder” to go off as planned, though, he must stay on in the game at his peril.


Encounter Love, On the Road

Length: 45Mins*52 Director: 毛卫宁 Cast: 陈晓、景甜、何明翰、秦杉 The film, "Encounter Love, On the Road", tells the story of a white-collar professional, Xinyue Li, who got entangled in a drug-trafficking case, involving a famous painting titled "The Precious". An undercover narcotics officer, Xiaotian Jin, broke deep into the drug-trafficking ring. During their journey, both survived life-threatening ordeals, while love grew unexpectedly between them. Due to the heroic efforts by the narcotics officers, especially Jin, the case was finally solved, and culprits apprehended. The film depicts the hardships in the anti-drug war, while glorifying the new generation of police officers.


Love and Destiny

Length: 45Mins*60 Director: 林玉芬、梁胜权、郭虎、任海涛 Cast: 张震、倪妮、李东学、李嘉铭、张芷溪、海铃 After falling into sleep for thousands of years, the God of War Jiu Chen was awakened by a Goddess named Ling Xi. Doubting Ling Xi’s identity, Jiu Chen kept her as his maid. The two began to grow affections for each other after spending time together. Ling Xi was found to be born cursed with an ominous spirit, which may undo the spell of the Ghost Lord. This curse caused great difficulties to Jiu Chen and Ling Xi’s relationship. With Jiu Chen’s help, Ling Xi gained her new life as the Princess of Shanling Tribe. After all the hardships, when the two were about to harvest love, the Ghost Lord undid the spell and became free again. The world was [...]


Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber

Length: 45Mins*50 Director: 蒋家骏 Cast: 曾舜晞、陈钰琪、祝绪丹、张超人、曹曦月 Wudang swordsman Zhang Cuishan and the notorious swordswoman Yin Susu are drifted into the scramble of the dragon saber. They are trapped on the uninhabited island of ice and fire. They get married on the island and birth a child who is named Zhang Wuji. They later return to central China and forced to kill themselves because of past events, which lefts the young Wuji wanders around the country. Wuji remains being sincere and gentle while being surrounded by a cruel world. Finally, he grasps the mightiest Kongfu and leads Mingjiao to prosper.


The Legends

Length: 45Mins*55 Director: 郑伟文 Cast: 许凯、白鹿、代旭、肖燕 Lu Zhaoyao saved Mo Qing. But when trying to capture the Wanjun sword, it was preempted by the Mo Qing, and Lu Zhaoyao was seriously injured. She returned to her sect after five years of recovery and found that Mo Qing had built her martial art sect more powerfully. Lu Zhaoyao concealed her identity and used Mo Qing’s love for her revenge. However, in the constant love of Mo Qing, the original purpose was shaken. In the end, Lu Zhaoyao and Mo Qing jointly defeated Luo Mingxuan and lived happily together after the war.


Young Blood

Length: 45Mins*42 Director: 伊峥、王飞、彭学军、罗志刚 、刘崇杰 Cast: 张新成、郑伟、周雨彤、王佑硕、禾浩辰、 苏晓彤 During the Qingli Period, under the glory of the Great Song Dynasty, the dark tide surged. In order to prevent the peeping of the Liao Dynasty (Kitan) and Western Xia’s spies, the Song Dynasty established the special institution for training youngsters under the name of Secret Chamber. Six heroes with different personalities from different origins, were selected into the Seventh Zhai of the Secret Chamber. Taking heavy responsibility and seeking light in the darkness, they repeatedly smashed the enemy's conspiracy in thrilling spy wars. Fortunate to serve the country and live up to the youth!


Another Me

Length: 45Mins*53 Director: 崔亮 Cast: 熊梓淇、邹廷威、沈月、陈都灵、梁靖康(特邀)、徐小飒 July and Ansheng are good friends in the high school period. They eat together, sleep together, help each other solve their troubles in a loyal way, and guard each other's growth, as if they are another self. They think they could be with each other forever, until they like the same boy in the school on day...


Novoland: Eagle Flag

Length: 45Mins*56 Director: 张晓波 Cast: 刘昊然、宋祖儿、陈若轩、江疏影 This is a grand epic about a fictitious world named Nine States. Amid great powers and incessant chaos and people are calling for the emergence of heroes. Three youngsters, Lyu Guichen, Ji Ye and Yu Ran are pushed to the center stage of the tumultuous world by fate, while their friendship and love are also burgeoning. After going through conspiracy, betrayal, desire and war, they look around with swords in hands, finding their oaths are still ringing in their ears and their ardor has never faded.


Sweet Guy

Length: 45Mins*30 Director: 颢然 Cast: 谭凯、刘庭羽、章小军、翁虹 Tong Junming and Liang Xin go together by chance. Liang Xin thought that Tong Junming is a chef named Tong Jie. With the help of Tong Jie, her new programme is getting better. Their feeling is also warming up. When Tong Jie appears in front of Liang Xin as Tong Junming, Liangxin has no idea what to do with. Tong Junming, who is originally indifferent to others, opens his heart and becomes a caring man.


Amnesty In 1959

Length: 45Mins*39 Director: 董亚春 Cast: 张铎、奚望、曹克难、岳红 Since the founding of New China in 1949, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has centralized the jailed senior war criminals of the Chiang Kai-shek Group for ideological transformation. Chairman Mao affirmed their achievements in the field of anti-Japanese war. The war criminals, deeply touched by the understanding and mercy of Chairman Mao,switched the attitude of defiance and actions of resistance and were full of remorse of their war crime. In 1959, the Chairman of the Republic, Liu Shaoqi, issued an amnesty order.


Spy Hunter

Length: 45Mins*46 Director: 李路 Cast: 秦俊杰、徐璐、陆毅、胡海锋、张芷溪 "Spy Hunter" tells the story of a group of people with faith carrying a lofty ideal in the war of self-risk, struggling on the hidden front without fear of dying, defending the motherland, fighting for peace, and dedicating themselves to the revolution.


Anti-Terrorism Special Forces the Wolves

Length: 45Mins*48 Director: 尤小刚 Cast: 杨旭文、魏晨、代斯、周庭伊、李幼斌、石兆琪、孙振宸、缪海梅 "Hellgate" is a popular VR combat game popular around the world, players all over the world spare no expense to compete on this platform. China's anti-terrorism command center has learned that terrorists used the game platform as an entrance to the dark network for illegal trade. The country's young and brave Sky Wolf special battle team members in the face of national security, with life and blood to verify their youth, the new and old two generations of anti-terrorist elite in the brutal front line fighting against terrorism, finally in the final harvest of love and friendship, and ushered in a bloody dawn.


The Legend of White Snake

Length: 45Mins*36 Director: 智磊 Cast: 于朦胧、鞠婧祎、裴子添、聂子皓、冯建宇、李林、王伟源、肖艳、虞朗、曾韵蓁、曲尼次仁、易易梓 The white snake spirit, Bai Suzhen, takes the sweet dew of goodness and purity from Guanyin’s jade bottle and activates her vital energy. Practicing magical arts on Mount Emei, she becomes immortal. After transforming into human form, and with further instructions from Guanyin, she enters the mortal world to experience human society. She then meets and falls for Xu Xian, composing a love story that touches millions.


Summer’s Desire

Length: 45Mins*36 Director: 于中中 Cast: 秦俊杰、张雪迎、黄圣池、袁子芸 Loses her parents during the childhood, Yin Xiamo, the trainee of an entertainment company, must deal with her younger brother’s sickness while pursuing her dream of being a successful artist. After she overcomes her weakness on singing in front of the public, Xiamo attracts the attention of Ouchen, who is the founder of a video game company. Ouchen invites Xiamo to play the lead role in his company's TV series. However, Ouchen’s company is about to be bankrupt. At Ouchen’s darkest time, Xiamo chooses to stand by him. While fighting together and finally achieving success, the two falls in love.


Year After Year

Length: 45Mins*55 Director: 王为 Cast: 于晓光、郎月婷、李东霖、刘莉莉、杨若兮、王姬 After Chinese reform and opening-up in 1978, family Chen, Lin and Pan who live in Beijing have their own life track. Chen Huan and Lin Pingping were admitted to colleges since the college entrance exam was resumed and got married. Under the influence of the environment, Pingping went to America for studying abroad, but Huan insisted his research in China, which caused their relationship gap. And other children of the three families also had different life path. During the past 40 years, they experienced their lives through hopes and hardships. And the great changes of times left them impression deeply.


Love Under the Moon

Length: 45Mins*48 Director: 余 淳 Cast: 欧 豪、宋 茜、唐禹哲、孙 铱 Xiangyuan and Ye Qianze grew up together in the countryside. Later, Ye went to Guangzhou with his father. There was then a distance and misunderstanding between them. With their own efforts, Xiangyuan became Ye Qianze's best friend and lover after Ye returned from studying abroad. They worked together to help the company survive the crisis. After experiencing the test of life and death, the love between them has become indestructible.


Crocodile and Toothpick Bird

Length: 45Mins*50 Director: 林妍 Cast: 张天爱、陈柏霖 Town girl Li Nanen went to France to study architecture after graduated from University in China, Li Nanen join into “Advance Animal Research Society.” President Zhou Erwen doesn’t trust Nanen’s talents at beginning. Those of them reached a consensus finally. The members of society who take the project to back to China made “Wisdom of China products” going to abroad.


I Have Loved You Once and Forever

Length: 45Mins*40 Director: 沈怡、周国栋 Cast: 张东健(韩国)、唐艺昕、姜潮、孟阿赛、周密、罗彬、郭雪芙、任容萱、童苡萱 College student Li Xiang is secretly in love with her good friend nick named “Monkey”, while “Monkey” is in love with their classmate Yang Mo. “Uncle character” Xu Zhi shows up and saves Li Xiang from her twisted love puzzle and helps her grow up and reach her dream. He also witnesses Li Xiang’s classmates struggle and strive on their own way to their dreams. Meanwhile, Li Xiang helps Xu Zhi through his traumatic divorce and heals him.


National Children

Length: 45Mins*42 Director: 巴特尔 Cast: 傅程鹏、徐洪浩、杨舒、王梓桐、刘小锋、卢勇、霍尔查、熊睿玲、赵思源 In 1960, due to natural disasters, Premier Zhou Enlai and then Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Ulanf decided to send 3000 orphans to Inner Mongolia grasslands. The story focuses on the fate of four Shanghai orphans after they were adopted by adoptive parents of the Mongolian people who loved them so much.


The Woodwork

Length: 45Mins*40 Director: 于震 Cast: 于震、边潇潇、海一天、辛月 The drama told the story of carpenter Yi Dachuan and his four apprentices, who inherited the carpentry skills and craftsmanship spirit. The second brother Yin Dongyi and the big brother Yu Zhongsheng were not at peace. Yin played a dirty trick to Zhong, which put Zhong behind bars for years and lost his lover. After the baptism of time, everyone had a new cognition of life: be considerate, kindness and tolerance, and thus they began a new life together.


Warm villages

Length: 45Mins*40 Director: 钱晓鸿、赵艺然、顾珂宇 Cast: 王佑硕、赵圆瑗、丁海峰、岳红 Wang Yiming, a young man who failed the college entrance examination in Swan Bay Village, was selected in the singing competition and became the focus of the village. Li Yimeng, fan of Wang Yiming, helped him advance in the preliminary competition. However, Wang Yiming’s girlfriend Xiangyu broke up with him because of this particular reason. Wang Yiming was eliminated from the final competition and suffered from depression. In order to help him, villagers in the Swan Bay held another "competition", and Wang Yiming finally recovered.


My Father & Daddy

Length: 45Mins*38 Director: 陈国星 Cast: 张译、张国立、李建义、买红妹、姚远、郭振伽、高晓菲、潘辰 Li Yisheng-father of professor Li Liang-who suddenly appeared after disappeared for many years, disturbed the peaceful life of Professor Li Liang's family. Li Liang and his sister only regard Li Dongshan, their adoptive father, as their father. Li Yisheng felt guilty, and eager to participate in his children's life but always made a mess. What's more, Li Dongshan's nanny fell in love with Li Yisheng and made a love triangle. Li Yisheng's other son frequently asked Li Liang for money, which led to a deeper misunderstanding. When Li Yi was hospitalized due to illness and recalled all the past, Li Liang finally reunited with his father.


Hero Dog 3

Length: 42Mins*43 Director: 袁晓满 Cast: 姜潮、宋妍霏、徐可、王洋 Mr. Seven joined the Perfect World Rescue Team and became Bian Mu’s partner accidentally. They got off to a rough start, yet trough training, they’ve bonded with each other. Mr. Seven overcame his fear of height, passed the test and became a qualified rescue dog. He and other rescue dogs did perfect jobs in searching lost persons and hikers trapped in snowslide. The smart, brave and cooperative dogs worked well with the dog handlers. They did their best to escort people’s happiness and heal the broken hearts.


Pretending to fall in love with you

Length: 48Mins*22 Director: 李立安、晋杨 Cast: 张璐、王阳、孙岚、斯琴高娃、陈逸恒、卢星宇、张岩、李萍、金鑫、吕凉等 Xia Ziyu, a beautiful OL was suspected to have incurable disease. After hearing that, the mother of Wentao, her boyfriend, stopped their relationship. Proud and confident as Xia Ziyu was also defeated by this. In this situation, Xiujuan, her aunt, and Dr. Hu suddenly came up with an absurd idea which was to hire a great man to pretend to fall in love with Xia Ziyu. Fortunately, love saved all the people in this story in the end.


Yang Guang the Entertainer

Length: 45Mins*34 Director: 杨议 Cast: 杨议、涓子、潘雨辰、温兆伦、张立、钱漪 This drama tells the story of the ordinary life of the “entertainer” group and the stories about love, career, and family. The main character Yang Guang is an ordinary standup comedy actor. In the life of pain and happiness, Yang Guang has tasted happiness and bitterness in art and family as an artist. The whole drama is a comedy technique, showing the artist’s dedication, struggling, loyal to love and conveying a simple, healthy and positive pursuit of a good and beautiful world view and positive energy.


The King’s Avatar

Length: 40Mins*40 Director: 十一月 Cast: 杨洋、江疏影、赖艺、范津玮、白翔、孙宁、杨廷东、李俊辰、宋涵宇、梁译木、翟子路、郝帅、冷纪元、顾宇峰、高瀚宇、蒋龙、顾佑铭、曲澔濬、赖雨濛、李沐宸 Ye Xiu, known as a top-class professional e-sports player in the online game Glory, is expelled out of the professional e-sports circle by the club for various reasons and becomes a webmaster. With ten years’ experience in e-sports, Ye Xiu is not going to give up his beloved “Glory”, so he re-logins his ID account “Don’t You Laugh At Me” and embarks on his journey to his victory where he meets many new friends and forms a strong team to realize their dreams.


The City of Chaos

Length: 48Mins*24 Director: 刘殊巧 Cast: 李光洁、袁文康、姜珮瑶、克拉拉、孙岩、高至霆、梁译木、刘德凯、高冬平、赵阳、盛鉴、姜卓君、银雪、文予琪 Luo Jia, a mysterious guy with multiple identities, goes to Lankupal City looking for the truth of his friend’s death. He sneaks into the Seven-star Group, which is a gangster crime organization. Bai Zhenhe, a prison guard of Lankupal prison. Their relationship transferred from hostility to cooperation in order to bring lights to this dark city.



Length: 20Mins*12 Director: 邹四维 Cast: 陈信喆、郑湫泓、张本煜、刘循子墨、孙迅、龙洁 Jia、Yi、Bing、Ding are four famous Beijing Opera Actors who live in the two-dimensional world. One day Bing drinking the forbidden drug and entered the three-dimensional world by accident. Jia、Yi、Ding must bring Bing back to the two-dimensional world in a limited time, otherwise, the four cannot go back to the two-dimensional world forever. They met the impoverished musician Shisan who lead them as the guide to the adventurous life in the new world. Behind the complicated surface of the adventure, a huge conspiracy is unveiling itself.


Last one Standing

Length: 40Mins*24 Director: 赵天宇 Cast: 杜淳、许龄月、刘奕君、代旭、宁理 To investigate the truth of his wife’s accidental death, Luo Ran boards a train to city C with his friend Ning Yu in search of a suspicious girl named Jiang Xue. When the train suddenly runs off the rails, they and the remaining survivors find themselves in a city of ruins without a single inhabitant, losing all contact with the outside world. Crises abound in the strange city, and supplies dwindle. As survivors die or go missing one after another, a cruel game of survival starts.


Destiny’s Love

Length: 40Mins*36 Director: 林宏杰、陶声 Cast: 张铭恩、徐璐、任言恺、吴昕 Chi Yu, a spirit collecting fate’s due, comes and goes from the human incarnation he’s donned to carry out his tasks. One day, a traffic accident brings him into terrestrial beauty Wen Suxi’s world. As their love-struck relationship deepens, Chi learns through otherworldly channels that Wen won’t be long for the world. Forced to choose between delivering fate and taking it into his own hand, Chi discovers that his connection with Wen links them across lives and millennia.


The Fun Cuisine of RuLin

Length: 24Mins*12 Director: 周正芳 Cast: 谢静汶、杨若天、王誉铭、钱安琪 “Rulin Flavor” plans to present famous feast and dishes in Anhui. 12 dishes from “Rulin Feast,” “Tai Shou Feast,” “Hung Wu Feast” and “Nu Shan Hu Feast” are selected; they are famous delicious dishes from famous stories, historical sources, or folklore. The team of on-location host will follow the clues of the stories to look for the most original food materials with their best efforts. In addition, the national tier 1 chefs are invited to the program to demonstrate the delicious dishes for the representation of the classic!


The I Beijing Opera: Classic Chinese Poems series, Our Lives Together

Length: 64Mins*2 Director: 李鑫 Cast: 储兰兰 A millennium of poetry and a century of Beijing Opera have merged with each other in their evolution, and the result is innovative art styles. The I Beijing Opera: Classic Chinese Poems series is an effective combination of the quintessence (old poetry) and the charm (Beijing Opera) of the excellent traditional Chinese culture. The series has endowed classical poetry with new connotations of the era and made Beijing Opera an all-enveloping form of art that evolves with the times. Selected works include “Our Lives Together,” “On the Goddess of Luo River,” “The Great Wall,” “Ode to the Yangtze River,” “Ode to the Moon” and “Snowy River.”


2019 Chinese Kungfu Spring Festival Gala Evening

Length: 90Mins*3 Director: 熊延江、王魏冬至 Cast: 紫檀、北美崔哥、贾旭明、王婉婉、颜鹏飞 2019 Chinese Kungfu Spring Festival Gala Evening, which is directed by the national director Xiong Yanjiang is set in Shenhou Town and takes the ancient street as the stage. It comprehensively combines the culture of Jun Porcelain with Chinese Kungfu and integrates people's life into the Spring Festival Gala Evening to present a visual Chinese Kungfu feast for the audience in the year of the pig.


Youth Journey

Length: 90Mins*12 Director: 廖媌婧、李佳临、吴天 Cast: 王凯、吴谨言、魏大勋、范丞丞、白宇、林允、杨迪、张新成、胡先熙 Youth Journey is a cultural tourism and exploration outdoor reality show, showing in the form of the stars traveling together, be closed with the theme of "cities pride for people", telling the historical humanities of different cities, displaying the inheritance and profoundness of Chinese culture. The star guests of the program travel together through the form of "culture and travel". At the same time, the program expressed the serious history in a youthful way and show the audience the story of youth.


Idol Hits

Length: 149Mins*12 Director: 陈刚 吴寒 Cast: 蔡徐坤、陈粒、黄旭、胡彦斌、迪玛希、薛之谦、林彦俊、欧阳靖、张艺兴、信、林宥嘉、邓紫棋、吴亦凡、田馥甄、李荣浩、王源、毛不易 The program invited six groups of musicians to join in each issue, presenting the professional industrial process of producing and publicizing music for each musician for the first time. Through the forms of linking up the daily records with stage performances, we will truly restore each musician's serious attitude towards music and professional charm in music creation.


I Actor

Length: 110Mins*11 Director: 何炅 Cast: 周冬雨、井柏然、刘天池 I Actor is a character training program for young actors and actress. The program will gather 60 fresh actors and actresses by superstar mentors who are recognized for their professionalism and character. Mentors will accompany them through three months of character training and acting enhancement. After four stages of assessment, eight fresh actors and actress will be chosen.


Hot Blood Dance Crew

Length: 90Mins*12 Director: 车澈 Cast: 车澈 The program aims to create the concept of “super idol X super dance crew”, with the most advanced choreography, to present the coolest street dance for the audience. The program selected outstanding dancers and idols to become a cross-border dance group through multiple competitions. Super idols would lead their new teams to compete with others in the entertainment market in order to become the super dance group. Participation of international choreographers with many outstanding dancers from the top domestic street dance brands and the surprise appearance of the "Chinese city of blood" with the strong Chinese style highlighted the show together.


The Rap of China

Length: 90Mins*13 Director: 车澈 Cast: 吴亦凡、张震岳&MC Hotdog、潘玮柏、邓紫棋 “The Rap of China " is a S+-level original television show made by iQiyi in 2018. It is the first large-scale Chinese-style rap culture promotion show. Chen Wei was the producer, and Che Zhe was the director. The program produced by the “drama-style” narrative concept, with the three elements of “hot, cool, and new.” It’s the collision between Chinese elements and rap music culture. It’s the new era for youth.


The Chinese Youth

Length: 90Mins*12 Director: 王宁 Cast: 陈昊蓝 “The Chinese Youth” is the first Chinese traditional culture promotion show created by iQiyi. It aims at the current situation that the majority of young audiences know little about Chinese traditional culture. It spoke for traditional culture to make the trend return. "Youth are beautiful because of the style, and the style is new because of the youth." "The Chinese Youth" presented and spread Chinese traditional music through the way that young people love and pushed the traditional culture to a new peak. In 2018, the elections started globally. We look forward to meeting more teenagers who love Chinese traditional culture.


Go Top Heroes

Length: 80Mins*6 Director: 姜鹏杰 张明博 Cast: 陈赫 、张彬彬、罗云熙 “Go Top Heroes” is a large-scale e-sports reality show, and the first reality show licensed by chart-topping multiplayer online video game “League of Legends” (LOL). Produced by Shanghai Entertainment Team Media Group, “Go Top Heroes” premiered on the Tencent Video streaming platform on December 27th2018.In this 6-episode show, 101 LOL enthusiasts from around the nation compete though multiple rounds of e-sports challenges to win a spot on 3 teams led by celebrity captains and compete for the championship. Based on the game League of Legends, this show includes appearances by legendary professional gamers of the LOL community, establishing deep roots in the world of e-sports, while at the same time adding fun elements from the world of entertainment [...]


Youth with You

Length: 85Mins*13 Director: 陈刚、吴寒 Cast: 张艺兴 The 100 outstanding young people selected from major literary and art colleges, professional institutions. Under the guidance of art guidance group, tutor coach and professional teachers, carrying out four months concentrated training including moral cultivation and professional skills, eventually will be produced nine excellent moral and technical training trainees as a combination.


The Rap of China 2019

Length: 90Mins*12 Director: 车澈 Cast: 吴亦凡、张震岳&MC Hotdog、潘玮柏、邓紫棋 “The Rap of China 2019 " is a S+-level Chinese rap music reality show created by iQiyi. The “The Rap of China2019” model was upgraded again: producers expanded the scale of elections and covered more countries and channels. The stadium elections returned, and more rappers were involved. The show presented more talented rappers, purer Hip-hop music, and more shocking stages, On April 24, 2019, Chris Wu, Zhang Zhenyue & Hot Dog MC Hotdog, Pan Yibai, and G.E.M Deng Ziqi returned to become four group leaders. The show was published on June 14, 2019 on iQiyi.


The Beautiful Mudanjiang

Length: 20Mins27Secs Director: Wen Tian Cast: Jianming Ni、Jin Feng、Baocheng Ma、Ya Si “The Beautiful Mudanjiang” is an amazing documentary about the beautiful nature and rich culture of Mudanjiang. The film is directed by Wen Tian, he is the most influential documentary director in China. The city of Mudanjiang is at the northernmost region of China, it’s also the coldest place on the landscape of China. The film shows the world the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of Mudanjiang with its local cultures and rich history. The strength and beauty of Mother Nature and local people of Mudanjiang fascinate wen. Wen want to show the world his belief in a beautiful and more environmentally friendly world. He wants the world to see the strength, beauty and hope in people [...]


Walk with Nigel Marven

Length: 32Mins Director: 盛伯骥、彭勃、杨乾、周梦虎 The film mainly tells the story of six Chinese documentary filmmakers who used the camera to record Marven's stories in making two documentaries, Wild Colombia and Dancing with Whales. From a young Oriental perspective, we can observe and learn the environmental protection thoughts of a Western documentary master who constantly challenges and transcends himself, as well as being close to nature and promoting the harmonious development of man and nature.


Ruili Journey

Length: 15Mins Director: 张苇苇 It shows the story of a beautiful town from a motorcycle rider's perspective. This small town is at China-Myanmar border, a One Belt One Road that connects the trade between China and South Asia. People are innocent and honest at this small town, and it has rich products and beautiful scenery. People get along with their neighbors in Myanmar and it is a harmonious scenery...