Inheriting China

Inheriting China 2018-10-11T14:42:52-07:00

Project Description

Length: 80mins*10
Director: 马宏、田川、毛嘉、刘天京、许璐、翟娜、岳月、林斐、张玲
Host: 孔洁
Guests: 谭正岩、王佩瑜、刘晓庆、徐帆、瞿颖、任贤齐、曹云金、李依晓、金巧巧、余少群、白凯南、杨钰莹、陈浩民

“Inheriting China” presents the artistic charm of Peking Opera. In each episode of the program, one or two celebrities are invited to take the opportunity to experience the traditional art form in the most challenging way.

Project Details